5 Things to consider before chosing a car insurance in US

5 Things to consider before chosing a car insurance in US

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Posted on June 20, 2020

Insurance is important for all car owners. It is a fact that it is mandatory to own car insurance, it also helps you save money.

Choosing insurance from our 300 insurance companies in the country is a difficult job. What makes it more difficult is we only know about our priorities.

So what we do if we don't know something and its important? We ask for advice from experts in car insurance.

So let's look at 5 things you need to consider before purchasing car insurance according to the experts

Car insurance coverage

There are insurance coverages which we are legally required to have like bodily injury liability and property damage liability.

That's not enough, you need to read their documents and understand the specifics of coverage provided by the policy.

There are other useful coverages like Personal injury protection that provides medical expenses in the event an of accident.

Car insurance policy with Comprehensive coverage will cover damage to your car from things like fire, theft, or vandalism.

Coverage type

Different companies provide policies with different types of coverage.

Some policies cover the medical expenses of the driver, whether it is you or your family member.

There are policies with which cover medical expenses when the other driver hit your car is uninsured.

Some type of policies covers the collision of the car on an object like if your car hit a fence, the coverage will help you pay for repairing your car.

Car insurance company

The most important factor to consider while purchasing car insurance is the provider itself.

It is important to look for the insurance claim process, we need a smooth and speedy claim process at the event of an accident.

Support services from the company and their agents is another important thing. Insurance is a complicated service, we’ll need good support from the company from time to time.

Look for the reviews of the company, the best way to know about a car insurance company is to look for reviews from their current and past customers.

Look out wide

Purchasing insurance is a big step in your financial decisions. You need to pay premiums frequently and it needs to protect your saving during expected events like accidents.

Rather than just looking at car insurance companies in your area, it would better if you research companies outside your areas as well.

A car insurance company can be influenced by the demand of people in your area, so a company in another place might be suitable for your priorities.

If you are choosing from a large number of companies, you will get more basic awareness of services offered by different companies and how these companies can be compared to get a better deal.

Payment plans

There are different ways and modes to do payment for car insurance premiums like any other insurance.

Payments can be made annually, monthly or quarterly. The Geico even excepts pay as six installments.

Payments can also be done in different ways, for example, let's take Geico, they accept payment in the form of an online check, debit or credit card, electronic fund transfer, via call or email.


As we discussed, in the beginning, choosing car insurance, not an easy task to do. The decision will affect our economy for a long period.

Considering the seriousness of car insurance, choosing one need to be done carefully with investing enough time and effort in researching for the suitable one matching your priorities.

So check the above factors on car insurance companies in your watchlist and proceed confidently with the purchase.