5 best car insurance companies in United States

5 best car insurance companies in United States

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Posted on June 20, 2020

Do you own a car? It doesn't matter what type you own, you need to insure it as soon as possible.

Its a fact, it's part of the law. But an insurance policy suitable for you can help you save your hard-earned money.

A car insurance policy can protect you from property damage or bodily injury liability, roadside assistance, etc.

So how do we choose one for us? It is a frustrating task because there are over 300 insurance companies in the US.

We can’t check the website of all of them, it's not practical. So what do the experts say on this?

According to exerts, we need to at-least compare 3 insurance companies, also you can even choose a state-level company if it better reviews.

What can I do about it? I can give a list of best 5 insurance companies to make your job easier. This listing is from a study by US Auto Insurance considering factors like a billing process, policy offerings, claims, price.

Geico car insurance

Geico is one of the best insurance companies in the US. They have many satisfied customers.

This company has a 97% customer satisfaction rate, which is proof of its good service and support.

The Geico app is intuitive and easy to use, they even pinpoint your car’s location in case you request for roadside assistance.

Geico support has mixed reviews, many customers say they had better experiences but some say they had bad experiences as well.

Allstate car insurance

Allstate car insurance company is ranked first in J.D. Power's regional customer satisfaction list.

This company offers many discounts and better coverage, it is one of the most cost-effective insurance policy providing company.

Allstate offers accident forgiveness, their claim satisfaction is above average and they offer discounts like multi-policy, new car, smart student, etc.

They also have some customers disappointed with occasional premium increases.

Progressive car insurance

The progressive car Insurance company is an insurance giant with 18 million customers.

Car insurance policies of this company are perfect for drivers with a good driving record because they are the first company to offer save-driving discounts.

Policies from the Progressive car insurance company have add-ons like roadside assistance. Also, the claiming process is fast.

One downside of policies from this company is their discounts do not apply to all states.

Auto-Owners car insurance

Auto-Owners is one of the oldest companies in the insurance sector. They established in 1918. Almost as old as cars.

Even though the company doesn’t have much advertisement presence, they have nearly 3 million policyholders from 26 states.

Auto-Owners has been a Fortune 500 company for over a decade.

They have cut down the cost of policies and still provides competitive car insurance coverage.

One negative side of Auto-Owners is that the claim processing time varies between different customers.

Esurance car insurance

Esurance company ranked first in California, they have a presence in 43 states.

The main advantage of Esurance is the easiness of signing up for the policy. Users can signup via either online or with Esurance mobile app. No need to talk with the agents.

They have policies that cover fire and vandalism. They are backed by financially strong Allstate.

The downside of policies offered by Esurance car insurance companies is the rates comparatively higher than their competitors.


Yes, you are right. Choosing an insurance company isn’t a walk in the park. It needs detailed planning.

You will have to note down your priorities like there are companies offer more discounts, there are companies offer more coverage, there are companies with a better claim process.

There is no perfect car insurance policy or company, it all depends on what you hope to get from them in case you face that unexpected incident.

Are you looking for an insurance policy for your car? All the best!